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Chronic Kidney Disease

  • CKD is a Worldwide Crisis= 10% worldwide have CKD
  • 1/10 adults have some form of CKD in USA
  • EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIFES and can help slow progression of CKD. Check Blood and Urine test routinely and screen for CKD.
  • More common in >60 Y/O
  • At age 40, 1% GFR/renal fxn per year is lost
  • 9th leading cause of death
  • 9th leading cause of Cancer
  • Louisiana is in the top 8 states with the highest ESRD population
  • Blacks > 4 X white incident rate of ESRD
  • Men > Women incident rate of ESRD
  • 5 year survival with ESRD =25-35%
  • >65, starting HD= 4 year survival=6X higher mortality rate compared to general population
  • Most common cause of sudden death in ESRD= High Potassium
  • Most common cause of death in ESRD Cardiovascular disease =10-20 X higher than general population.

Prevention is better than cure, therefore it is of great importance to minimize the widespread of a disease before it turns fatal. Treatment of Chronic Kidney Diseases is essential at an early stage to prevent the dialysis phase. Here at NCOE, we strive to enpower and spread awareness to everyone regarding the disease, and treat patients with great care to combat the illness.



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