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How did I/it get started?

Dr. Chad W. Rossitter was trained locally in Lafayette, La. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at LSU UMC. During his training in medical school, Dr. Rossitter knew early on that he wanted to become a Nephrologist after the first time attending a morning report at LSU with Dr. Lamarche. After graduating from LSU, Internal Medicine, Dr. Rossitter accepted a Fellowship at Houston Methodist Hospital, overseen by Dr. Wadi Suki. Once he completed his Fellowship training in Nephrology and Interventional Nephrology in June 2015, he came back to Lafayette, Louisiana to practice. Dr. Rossitter joined a retiring physician and began his collaborative practice in the Opelousas/St. Landry Parish area, due to the huge demand for a Nephrologist in this community. On November 1, 2017, Dr. Rossitter branched out to start his own practice, known as Nephrology Center of Excellence(NCOE). NCOE currently has 3 locations, which include Sunset, Eunice and Opelousas. Dr. Rossitter cares for over 1900 patients with kidney related problems, including Chronic Kidney Disease, of which approximately 14% of the United States suffer from. The culture in Southwest Louisiana lends to high blood pressure and diabetes, which are the main causes of Chronic Kidney Disease.

My Niche/Unique?

Dr. Rossitter belongs to a select group of Nephrologists in the country, known as Interventional Nephrologists. He is one of few in the state of Louisiana, who can perform and place Tunnel Hemodialysis catheters in his patients as well as managing their AV fistulas and or grafts. Dr. Rossitter also specializes in Angioplasty, Thrombectomies, and Stent Placements. He is currently Board Certified in Internal Medicine as well as Nephrology.

Dr. Rossitter is very unique in the fact that he was an Emergency Room Nurse for several years, before attending Medical School. His experiences as an Emergency Room Nurse, shaped and molded him into the Physician that he has become. He witnessed patients being turned away due to their inability to pay, and this experience has always driven Dr. Rossitter to go the extra mile for his patients. Anyone that knows Dr. Rossitter, understands that he provides services to an underserved market that he holds dear to his heart, with his personal motto being “All patients deserve quality care despite their inability to pay.” He is the only private practice Nephrologist in the area, who accepts all forms of insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Pay. Dr. Rossitter holds Clinic four days a week, every week of the year, excluding holidays.


As a Nephrologist, Dr. Rossitter manages the function and diseases of the kidneys. Daily, he sees patients with all forms of kidney dysfunction. This includes; Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) overseeing and prescribing Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis treatments, Diabetes management, Hypertension, Genetic and Congenital Kidney Disease, Pre-and Post-Kidney Transplants, Electrolyte Disorders, Kidney Stones, Protein or other Urine Abnormalities, Metabolic Kidney Disease, Renovascular Disease, and Cysts/Masses in the Kidneys.

As an Interventional Nephrologist, Dr. Rossitter performs Urgent Hemodialysis Vascular Access procedures at an out-patient Vascular Access Center, to enable patients to have the life sustaining Hemodialysis Treatments that they require, instead of unnecessary hospital admissions.


Dr. Rossitter is extremely passionate about caring for all his patients. They give him the drive he needs, to reach higher goals and levels in his industry.

Dr. Rossitter’s primary goal is to empower each and every patient with the tools and knowledge needed to understand why they must see a Nephrologist. He answers the tough questions; what is my diagnosis, why do I have this disease, what can I do to improve my health and kidney function, what risk factors do I have that can be modified, what medications are harming my kidneys, what medications are helping my kidneys, and what treatments will improve my kidney function?

Dr. Rossitter strives to keep his patients comfortable by establishing a pleasant office setting with positive, smiling employees that all work together as a unified team to provide the best patient care possible.


Dr. Rossitter performs Vascular Access Procedures in an Outpatient Cath Lab setting, which has state of the art equipment. His Sunset Clinic location, Cardiovascular and Nephrology Center of Excellence, has an Ultrasound Technician onsite, to provide fast and convenient results.

Dr. Rossitter’s staff utilizes an advanced electronic medical records program, which sets him apart from his competition. He prides himself on being one of the few paperless offices in the area, with strict focus on HIPAA Compliance and privacy for his patient’s personal health information.


Dr. Rossitter only employees the best of the best to work with him, and not for him. He believes that it starts by recognizing that each staff member is part of the team, and each staff member is important in their own way. He believes in Quality, not Quantity.

Dr. Rossitter goes out of his way to hire professionals with the same driving passion that he has. He looks for hard workers, who love patient care, and who will treat his patients like family. Strong qualities of kindness and generosity rank high on his list. Dr. Rossitter looks for leadership qualities in his professionals, and a must have is someone who works well with others. Dr. Rossitter believes that you can’t teach someone these special qualities; but you can ALWAYS teach them Nephrology and how to do their job. Dr. Rossitter doesn’t focus on Nephrology experience as much as character, when hiring his employees.

Nephrology Center of Excellence has recently hired two Registered Nurse Practitioners, Matthew Blaine Theriot and Justin Lege. He has the utmost respect for these guys and treats them as key players on his team. Matthew Blaine Theriot brings over 25 years of Nursing experience with nearly half of this experience in Nephrology. Justin Lege comes from the Lafayette area, and is known to be one the hardest working Practitioners in the area. This combination of expertise and compassion has set NCOE apart from the competition.


Nephrology Center of Excellence is projecting extreme growth, and planning to recruit other Nephrologists and Nurse Practitioners in the local area. In early 2018, NCOE will start construction on a new CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) Clinic in the Upper Lafayette/Carencro area. Plans for this clinic are underway, and Dr. Rossitter is looking forward to providing the best, quality care for those patients as well. NCOE is accepting new patients now, and accepting all forms of insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.